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It Must Be Autumn

It must be autumn … and this book’s fun-loving family is out to discover all the wonderful signs of the beautiful Fall season. Join in their antics as they shake and rhyme their way to a surprise ending that is sure to delight readers of all ages. There’s even a couple of wisecracking squirrels to keep the laughs coming as the pair frolic through the pages telling jokes that will leaf you fall-ing over into a great big pile of chuckles.

It Must Be Winter

It must be winter…and our favourite high-energy family is back to revel in the signs of a brand new season. Follow along as they stack and rhyme their way to a snowy wonderland that celebrates all there is to love about this magical time of year. And yes, our comedy duo of backyard squirrels are still here to keep the page-turning fast and furious, with more pun-derful riddles that will leave you rolling on the ice, chortling out loud.

It Must Be Spring

It must be spring… and this series’ beloved free-spirited family returns to embrace the signs of yet another season. Be a part of the fun as they skip and rhyme their way to a colourful conclusion that makes good on the promise of nature’s very own pot of gold. And of course, our pun-ny squirrel friends are back with a splash and all new punchlines that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your blooming two-lips.

It Must Be Summer

It must be summer…and once again, our happy-hearted family is here to welcome in the signs of the ever-changing seasons. Share in their anticipation as they plant and rhyme their way to a delicious finale that reminds us all about the simple joys of a warm sunny day spent with good friends. And as always, the one-liners are coming in hot from our neighbourhood squirrels – and while summ-er better than others, tickling the pun-ny bone is always in season.

It Must Be Summer

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